Hello there beautiful people! My name is Uma Leoni and I am the founder of Leoni's Studio. 

I want this art shop to have a more personal feel to it so today I took to Instagram and opened up a Q&A session! Before I get into the questions, I'll tell you all a little bit about myself.

I am from California, currently living in Long Beach. I am 23 years old and I just received my Bachelors degree in Sociology. That's right, your girl is ~educated~.  My favorite color is currently Periwinkle. I love to eat rice and eggs for breakfast and like my coffee with a splash of vanilla.

I’ve been scribbling since I was little and I guess I never grew out of it. Scribbilism and line art are some of my favorite styles. But I could never pick just one. One day I’m painting abstract acrylics and the next I’m attempting - emphasis on attempting - to do realist portraits in my sketchbook. It’s a beautiful mess and I wouldn’t trade it with anything in the world.

Now on to the questions!

What inspired you to start this brand?

I started LEONI's Studio to showcase my view of the world. I wanted to leave my mark while showing others just how beautiful the little things can be! The inspiration I receive from my loved ones was (and still is) so immense I had to share it.

I started LEONI's Studio because it was time to stop being scared. Scared of judgement of my art. Scared of failure. Scared of following my dreams and going against a normal 9 to 5. So if you’re reading this I want to thank you. Thank you for supporting a girl’s dream. 

How has your college experience contributed to your entrepreneurship?

If my college experience taught me anything it was to go out and get the things I wanted. If I never went to school I would have never acted on so many of my dreams. It also prepared me for the extensive work this brand has taken to create. 

What is your favorite art piece?

My favorite piece is definitely "HEAT". I painted that piece at one of my favorite places. It was a peaceful day, I had just finished yoga and I was in an amazing mood. 

What is your favorite form of self expression?

Painting is my number one. If I'm not painting you can usually find me filming makeup or hair tutorials for my other social media pages. I love creating makeup looks based on my favorite album covers. I guess that is another form of painting in a way.

What artists are you inspired by?

I wouldn't say I am inspired by any artists in particular. However, I do take a lot of inspiration from the chaotic perfection of graffiti art. A majority of my paintings start out as scribbles and are perfected on canvas later on.

How do you come up with the names of your plates?

All of my plates are named after womxn I've come to know and love. Womxn who inspire me on a daily basis. 

What's your favorite flower?





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