Uma Leoni for Homme Femme

Uma Leoni for Homme Femme

A huge thank you to Homme + Femme for this opportunity. The team was nothing but welcoming.

Sometimes it can be hard to visualize the dreams we have. Stepping into the Homme Femme warehouse felt like stepping into a dream I've had many times. As you walk in you immediately feel a sense of comfort from the laughing and chatting in each room. The ceiling high shelves are stocked to the brim with colorful tees and jackets and the rows seem to go on forever and ever. 

They offered me a handful of snacks and brought me back into what was my favorite room, their photography studio. Everything Homme + Femme does is in house from my understanding and for that they have my highest respect. 

I popped on a few of their items and we got straight into shooting. Their clothes are just my style so I felt right at home. I painted a pair of the jeans (pictured below) and then we moved onto a quick interview. Unfortunately the audio may have been fried so fingers crossed we can get that to you all one day. 

Seeing the behind the scenes of this small black owned business was so inspiring. It warms me that they saw the same passion behind my work and invited me into their world! Cheers to us both and to more collaborations in the future!