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About Us

Hello there, thank you for visiting Leoni's Studio!

Simply put, this studio is my way of leaving my mark on this world. It is a hub of my artwork that was inspired by friends, family, loved ones and even the people I meet from day to day. I believe that everyone has their own beauty and uniqueness that deserves to be appreciated and put on display. 

My handmade pieces all have unique stories behind them. They are named after beautiful, inspiring womxn that I have met and come to love in my life. Because they are handmade, each dish and plate is unique to itself just like the individual they are modeled after. And just like you. 

My paintings are all original pieces inspired by my mood and surroundings. I tend to paint abstract pieces but also gravitate towards graffiti inspired portraits. You are guaranteed to find a variety of styles with signature elements on my page. 

Overall, each and every piece from my studio holds a dear place in my heart. I hope they can light up the rooms they are placed in and inspire you to find beauty in everything you do.